Thursday, June 19, 2008



This is a further addition to my "Early Models" exposition, I have to give special thanks to one of my model building comrades Rodger Dewberry, of A HAUNTED Gallery fame (
It was Rodger who encouraged me to set up this blog, he even took the first pictures of my models and best of all showed me how to take a decent picture.
"So Rodger here's to you", thanks for the encouragement.................!
This model is yet another of my IPMS 1st place winner in both IPMS Dallas, and IPMS Fort Worth, this model is a "Kit Bash" from the nineties which I was very pleased with the results then and now!
I call this creation "GRAV-TANK MK4.
The second again from the mid nineties and a 2ND place IPMS winner, again a "Kit Bash" (I do so hate that word it sounds so crass!, how about "Kit Compilation; "YEA" that's the ticket!).
This project I call "Fast Scout".
As you can tell with all my creations I love "texture", so all of my projects have a illustration 3D feel to them.
Some would say this is a contradiction in terms but "guess what"? I am a contradiction in terms........!!!!!

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dewberry1964 said...

hey man, LOVIN" the blog, kep posting more pics!!!!!!!