Thursday, June 5, 2008

TITAN OGUN (Armorcast)

T TITAN OGUN---------------------------------




Here are a few creations from my Warhammer collection, these are some of my older works (1999-2000)
The one titled Eldar Titan Eleggua took first place in it's category in the International Plastic Modelers Society 2000 National.
It is one of my favorites because it also has deep religious significance (Eleggua is one of the Orisas of Yoruba Tribal Gods, so are the names of the other Titans, Ochussie and Ogun).
I also purchased a book on line while making a purchase for a customer and "lo and behold" there were a few of my creations in the book, pictures were taken at IPMS Nationals 2000.
The name of the book is "How to Build and Modify Resin Model Aircraft Kits", page 14.
What was interesting is that the book had nothing to do with SCI-FY model building.
All backgrounds are from my "Space Scape's" paintings.
"Point of interest I do not use a air brush even thou I own a couple, it seem superfluous since I can create the same effect without one, that's just a dig at all those who swear by them! (As usual I always listen to my own "DRUMMER")
Stay tuned more to come on this "Bat Station, same Bat Channel"

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