Thursday, June 19, 2008



This is a further addition to my "Early Models" exposition, I have to give special thanks to one of my model building comrades Rodger Dewberry, of A HAUNTED Gallery fame (
It was Rodger who encouraged me to set up this blog, he even took the first pictures of my models and best of all showed me how to take a decent picture.
"So Rodger here's to you", thanks for the encouragement.................!
This model is yet another of my IPMS 1st place winner in both IPMS Dallas, and IPMS Fort Worth, this model is a "Kit Bash" from the nineties which I was very pleased with the results then and now!
I call this creation "GRAV-TANK MK4.
The second again from the mid nineties and a 2ND place IPMS winner, again a "Kit Bash" (I do so hate that word it sounds so crass!, how about "Kit Compilation; "YEA" that's the ticket!).
This project I call "Fast Scout".
As you can tell with all my creations I love "texture", so all of my projects have a illustration 3D feel to them.
Some would say this is a contradiction in terms but "guess what"? I am a contradiction in terms........!!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hello Boys and Girls, here are the next addition to my "Early Models" blog, we are still into creations from the 1999-2000 era.
I have received a few questions regarding the original picture at the top of my blog, well here goes..!

This is also one of my 2000 IPMS Nationals 3rd place winners, "Yes I swept my category with a "big ol broom".

This particular project was a scratch build from resin modules and a 1/6 scale F16 flight control stick from Verlinden Productions, the smaller vessel was a resin cast given to me by on of my IPMS comrades John Douglas also of Sci-Fy building fame!

I call said project "RIM RUNNERS", the base was built from wood I found in a park.

Thursday, June 5, 2008







Since I'm on a Warhammer roll here's a few more pics from my model collection.
These are my earlier builds from 1998- 2000 many of the builds featured are discontinued Armorcast Warhammer kits, which only collectors like myself still have (Check out E-Bay they are quite pricey, downright scary if you can find them).
Stay tuned, the newer stuff is in the wings, my collection is quite extensive since I've been building for over 40 years, now that's scary!
So for now featured models are just a "TEASE", the "MO BETTA STUFF" is yet to come!!!!!
TITAN OGUN (Armorcast)

T TITAN OGUN---------------------------------




Here are a few creations from my Warhammer collection, these are some of my older works (1999-2000)
The one titled Eldar Titan Eleggua took first place in it's category in the International Plastic Modelers Society 2000 National.
It is one of my favorites because it also has deep religious significance (Eleggua is one of the Orisas of Yoruba Tribal Gods, so are the names of the other Titans, Ochussie and Ogun).
I also purchased a book on line while making a purchase for a customer and "lo and behold" there were a few of my creations in the book, pictures were taken at IPMS Nationals 2000.
The name of the book is "How to Build and Modify Resin Model Aircraft Kits", page 14.
What was interesting is that the book had nothing to do with SCI-FY model building.
All backgrounds are from my "Space Scape's" paintings.
"Point of interest I do not use a air brush even thou I own a couple, it seem superfluous since I can create the same effect without one, that's just a dig at all those who swear by them! (As usual I always listen to my own "DRUMMER")
Stay tuned more to come on this "Bat Station, same Bat Channel"

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mak variants


Here are a few of the projects I have been working on! (

Lately I have been in a construction / Idea mode, the Spirits (NO! I don't men the 40 proof kind) haven't moved me to the painting and finishing stage as yet, but I am hopeful the painting spirit will visit me soon.

I am thinking of entering the Squadron Masters Competition this year just for "GIGGLES", I think I may just shake up the competition a bit.

The concept of open judging gives me a warm and fuzzy, I break all the model building rules any way so why not jump in the middle of open judging.

The thought of competing against Armor, and Aircraft with Science Fiction really appeals to me..............!!!!!
All models displayed won first place in their category in both IPMS Dallas and Fort Worth contests.