Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is a old scratch built project I did many years ago, it was sitting on a shelf in my home office when ("Yea") I noticed it.
Not bad for a project I did before I got gray!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Contest time is coming, this year I plan to have many entries, this is the newest one in the "Wormhole"!!!
This is a kit compilation using several kits for parts ("Yea I hate the word "KIT BASH").
I rely am enjoying creating this project, I have had this idea in mind for several years but couldn't find the right hull; so with the Hasagawa release of the Nutcracker, my 1/35 scale dream came true!
This version packs a Mk IV Rail Gun that can penetrate any armor or building.
This is the Up-Armored version, used for inter-city incursions, and close assault sorties.

Smoke Discharger Forward

Thruster bucket for quick directional changes as well as quick stops.

Smoke Dischargers rear

Ma.k Chess Set

I finally found the perfect Chess board for my Ma.K chess set, as luck would have it I found it at one of my favorite stores "Ross"!!!
$12.oo what a bargin