Monday, February 21, 2011


Contest time is coming, this year I plan to have many entries, this is the newest one in the "Wormhole"!!!
This is a kit compilation using several kits for parts ("Yea I hate the word "KIT BASH").
I rely am enjoying creating this project, I have had this idea in mind for several years but couldn't find the right hull; so with the Hasagawa release of the Nutcracker, my 1/35 scale dream came true!
This version packs a Mk IV Rail Gun that can penetrate any armor or building.
This is the Up-Armored version, used for inter-city incursions, and close assault sorties.

Smoke Discharger Forward

Thruster bucket for quick directional changes as well as quick stops.

Smoke Dischargers rear


Anonymous said...

Very well done, nice use of greeblies. I want to see it when painted.

dewberry1964 said...

like it like t like it!!!!!

dewberry1964 said...

Your picture taking has gotten reallllly good man!!

here's my blog if you have not seen it paul: